Tashwirul Afkar (P-ISSN: 1410-9166, E-ISSN: 2655-7401) is a peer-reviewed journal which is published by the Institute for the Study and Development of Human Resources, the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (LAKPESDAM-PBNU) aims to initiate and to stimulate progress, both in religious and cultural thinking. Therefore, it publishes papers that promote new ideas, models, approaches, and paradigms by contributing to the advances in knowledge, theory of religious and cultural thinking.

The journal covers applied research studies and review articles, both in the format of full-length articles and research notes. Applied research studies are expected to examine relationships among variables relevant to hospitality and tourism by employing appropriate analytical or statistical technique. High-quality review articles that address the latest advances and develop theoretical knowledge or thinking about key aspects of religious and cultural thinking are accepted. Research notes are short articles that report advances in methodology, exploratory research findings, or extensions/discussions of prior research.

Tashwirul Afkar will also welcome commentary in response to published articles. All papers are subject to a double-blind peer-review process based on an initial screening by the editor criteria for evaluation include a significant contribution to the field, conceptual quality, appropriate methodology, and clarity of exposition.


  • This study focuses on the ethnic diversity of the Malay Archipelago in Mecca. The object of this study is the compilation of Jawi scholars (ulema) in Mecca as documented in the book al-Jawāhir al-Ḥisān, written by Zakariyyā Bīlā (1329-1413/1911-1992), a prominent Arab scholar originating from...

  • Whether Abu Hamid al-Ghazali contributed to the decline of rationalist and scientific tradition in the Muslim world is a grand debate in Islamic studies. However, the literature on this question ventures only to construct a historical debate. Though al-Ghazali died in 1111, his opinions still...

  • This study investigates the childfree lifestyle choice phenomenon in Malaysia, particularly within the framework of Islamic teachings as interpreted in "Tafsir Pedoman Muttaqin". Employing a qualitative approach, this research integrates qualitative analysis of religious texts and interviews...

  • The significance of the Muslim Brotherhood in American academia lies in the academic articulation of the brothers’ discourse as the expression of modern Islam in general. As such, the discourse of a specific political group is taken as the appropriate example of modern mainstream Islam. This...

  • Keagamaan yang terjadi di Indonesia dari tahun 2019 hingga Agustus 2022, serta untuk mengidentifikasi peran Kementerian Agama dalam mengelola peran publik untuk mencegah dan mengatasi konflik tersebut. Dalam rangka mencapai tujuan ini, kami melakukan analisis terhadap sekitar 86 kasus konflik...

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Malay-Archipelago Ethnic Diversity in Mecca: Jawi Scholars in the Book of al-Jawāhir al-Ḥisān by Zakariyyā Bīlā
Views: 85
Downloads: 23
Pages: 1-26
Abu Hamid al-Ghazali in Our Times: How al-Ghazali is Interpreted and Transmitted in the Contemporary Turkish Context
Views: 70
Downloads: 22
Pages: 27-58
Between Liberty and Faith: Exploring the Dynamics of Childfree Choices in the Islamic Perspective of Malaysia
Views: 43
Downloads: 27
Pages: 69-86
The Influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on Teaching Islam in American Universities
Views: 27
Downloads: 9
Pages: 87-104
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Peranan NU dalam Menghadapi Triple Planetary Crisis
Views: 76
Downloads: 42
Pages: 135-146